The Artist Alejandra

Painter. Poet. Storyteller.

Visionary of The American Passport Experience

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The American Passport Experience

American Passport began as a vision by Alejandra Estefania to celebrate her people and inspire healing in her community through the power of storytelling. AP is an experimental artwork utilizing technology, cinematic documentation, photography, music, poetry, physical & digital Art.

"The Dream"

Art is my Language.

I had this vision in my head for so long. Words dancing in my thoughts thinking…Latino immigrants but make it dreamy.

So when I got to my canvas, to my screen, to my pen, to my brush, to my paper and to the film, it was a massive release of language.

I find it so much easier to communicate here. To give life to all of my ideas.

It is the only language that’s felt authentic to my being.

It’s the only “word” that feels like me. ART.

Hispanic Heritage Month Campaign

Cultura, Courage y Fe.

"This is a poetic conceptual project dedicated to my community. This art is to celebrate la cultura, courage y fe of the Latinx immigrant experience"

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My divine purpose is to redefine prevailing narratives about people, especially minority groups, celebrate diverse cultures and inspire healing in these communities through the power of storytelling.

Alejandra Estefania