Cultura, Courage y Fe Campaign Launch for Hispanic Heritage Month

Cultura, Courage y Fe Campaign Launch for Hispanic Heritage Month

Miami, FL – The American Passport Experience’s latest campaign, Cultura, Courage y Fe, celebrates the perseverance found in the Latinx immigrant experience during Hispanic Heritage month. This aligns with our mission to honor our families, celebrate our culture and inspire healing in our community through the power of storytelling.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the contributions by Hispanic Americans that have inspired others through their courage and faith. Their stories have been compiled into multimedia content that combines cinematic documentation and poetic storytelling. Through showcasing the photography, music, poetry and art that encompasses the Latinx experience, we hope to encourage others to embrace their heritage.

"Culture is the main focus of my work and my principal source of inspiration,” Ecuadorian artist and American Passport founder Alejandra Estefania explains.” I aim to represent the diversity of the communities that raised me and empower them to take pride in their heritage.”

Throughout the month, we will highlight the different walks of life of Miami locals who have honored their heritage while building their own American Dream. Previously, the American Passport partnered with Party Cake, a local bakery owned by Cuban immigrants, to create a mural that embodies the family’s legacy. 
Here’s a look into what owning one’s heritage meant for them.  

“I’ve been inspired by the mindful rawness of American Passport’s content — the tenacity to tell the stories of so many,” said Bernardette Salgado, one of our featured voices for the Cultura, Courage y Fe campaign and a local brand manager for Bacardi. She is a second-generation American, with Ecuadorian and Cuban heritage. “Although I connect with it culturally, most importantly I connect with it as a human, who wants to respect, love and grow from the stories of others.”


About Organization

The American Passport began as a vision by artist Alejandra Estefania to utilize the power of storytelling to redefine the immigrant mindset. Our goal is to transform our community’s stories through the combination of cinematic documentation and technology. The final product — encompassing photography, music, poetry and art — is a collaboration between accomplished multidisciplinary Latinx creatives and immigrants.

Our definition of community does not base itself on political grounds or invisible borders — it comes from within. Although the Latinx American experience is diverse, our love for our cultures unifies and dictates our way of life. It’s not one story, it’s our story. 


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