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I began creating Every Boy is a King back in 2016. Most of times when you’re painting it feels like inspiration and you flow. However, when I began this painting, it was feeling a little forced. I decided to put down my paintbrush and set it to the side.

Fast forward a few months later, when I was volunteering at a woman’s shelter in Miami. I was teaching a painting class to different women and their children. There was a young boy who looked identical to the piece I had begun. I couldn’t believe how similar he looked to him and couldn’t help but show him the painting. He immediately became excited and began sharing all his dreams with me. It became evident to me that despite his current situation, all he saw were the possibilities ahead. A young boy of nine years old, ready to take on the world, despite his circumstances.

As soon as I left the shelter, I went home to my studio and finished Every Boy is a King. It became obvious that I was needing the interaction in order to understand the depth of this painting.

Every Boy is a King is a symbol. It represents all the ways in which I wish all the young boys could see themselves. The same way this boy saw who he truly was. A young KING in the making.

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