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Limited Edition 12x12 in Print


  • Edition of 1,000
  • Numbered and signed
  • Archival pigments on gloss canvas 
  • Each print has a 1-inch white framing border

Limited Edition 20x20 in Print


  • Edition of 25 
  • Numbered and signed 
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Archival pigments on gloss canvas 
  • Each print has a 1 inch white framing border

"The tales of the journey for triumph. The story of good vs evil. The pronounced courage of the soldier in the front line. The blind carried faith. The poem with no words only solace and weight. Heavy, heavy, weight. But freedom, the freedom, the chase of freedom. The desire for good. The light at the end of the tunnel. The unfinished story, the waiting of truth to surface. The help, the coming together, the combined effort of many for the love of the hero. The love. My God, all the Love. The shared pain, the unmistaken compassion. The lies. The fountain of water and hope. The dragon that must be slayed. The sword. THE FUCKING SWORD. The blood-stained hands, the bowed heads. The open arms and open chest. The mercy. The Final fight for freedom

Our heroes are on a journey, my friends. Our brothers and sisters are on the frontline of their one day to be, greatest victory. They’re going full force, for equality, for freedom. For love. Which side of this Hero’s tale will you be on? Which champion are you rooting for? Whose blood do you wear on your hands? The hero’s, or the dragons?" 

- The Artist Alejandra