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Limited Edition Print


  • Numbered and signed in ink 
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Edition of 25 
  • Mixed Media on gloss canvas 
  • Each print has a 1 inch white framing border
  • Ships globally 
  • Please allow up to 4 weeks to receive your print 


I've seen children without mothers

Borders with no walls

Cracked ceilings holding up an entire family of four

I've seen worn shoes and flooded floors

Watched workers scoop out the buckets of last night's storm

I've seen flies on my plate and taken a bite anyway

Cause that’s what the locals do

I've seen 5-star restaurants with no walls and no floors where the sweetest juices have been served.

I've seen Maria, Nino, Mateo and all the Jose’s gathered at the door to greet me

To ensure I take home their love

I've seen the walks to school in uniforms firmly pressed while wild men yell obscenities from the corner

I've seen smiles on faces that are warmer than the sun and hands so soft you would swear you were holding a palm full of roses

I've seen green and blue and white all gathered in the same rainforest to make you forget of the life you have waiting for you

I've seen families embrace and count their blessings on each other’s hands

Cause that’s all it’s about any way

I've seen God in all the corners

All the cracks and dirt roads

In all the storms and aftermath’s

In all the Ninos and Marias

In all the fruit and sacred land

I’ve seen richness and joy

And ALL In a way I’ve never seen before

-The Artist Alejandra